Monodevelop running terminal commands


I am using monodevelop with the BBB and i have managed to write terminal command through code
but i can’t run root commands.

how can i write commands that need sudo permission?

thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you are asking. To run commands that require root permission as a regular user, use "sudo command”. If you want to run those commands without using sudo, then change the group for that command and add your user to that group.


As a probably better alternative to sudo, you may want to look at ‘capabilities’, which will allow your code permission for specific actions and against specific object, rather than being root.

I’d probably consider using groups. Like I briefly discuss here:

However. sudo can be very specific with commands. So for instance if you wanted a regular user to be able to use apt-get update, and no other apt commands. You can lock that down very specifically in the sudoers file.

Heres a quick simple example of command specific sudo usage.

I tried to use sudo but it didnt work.
Thanks anyway!

I solved it by changing the permissions to the files i wanted to use..