More Lightning Talks on Nov 17th

I'm still in the process of editing and uploading the videos from the previous community lightning talks, which I wanted to have completed before spreading the word about the new event, but we are down to under 2 weeks to go....

So, please spread the word that this is your chance to update the TI-related open source developer community on what you are doing.

Event details are (will be) on the lightning talk wiki page [1].

This event is the unconference[2] to go with TI's eTech Day on-line conference.

If you'd like to pre-record your 5-10 minute presentation, contact me and we can do so. You'd still be expected to be on the phone and IRC channel during the presentation time slot for questions.



I want to try pre-recording my presentation this weekend. I can be there live also.

Bill Mar
Special Computing


Do you have your pre-recorded presentation? Another presenter sent me
a .mp3 file that I will attempt to simply play during his presentation
slot and he'll be on the line for Q&A. I'm hopeful the tools will
work fine for that.



I changed my travel schedule so I’ll be calling in live. I’ll post the slidedeck as soon as I add the photos.

Bill Mar
Special Computing