Motorola Lapdock

I am a very beginner and after reading another discussion on the set up of the Motorola Lapdock and beaglebone black I still have many questions and things to clarify. You can find the discussion at the following link:!topic/beagleboard/4A3bvRDn28U

So what I am about to order off eBay is a micro hdmi femal to male (extension cable) a micro USB to micro USB female to male (also an extension) and a micro USB to USB adapter. In the other discussion Gerald mentioned how you can blow the beaglebone if you don't splice a cord in the micro USB cable so the Motorola lapdock doesn't supply battery power to the beaglebone and instead the beaglebone is plugged into its charger (5v). The lapdock is then being charged by its charger (?v). Ok questions time!!!!!

1. Am I correct with the parts, connections, and battery set up stated above?
2. What color wire would I cut in the micro USB cable? How could I find out which one online?
3. If I need to cut the micro USB wire and plug the BBB into its own 5v charger separate from the lapdock's own battery does the BBB need to be plugged in whenever I use it or is it chargeable? Is there a compatible cape I can buy to make the lapdock setup portable if the BBB needs to be plugged in constantly?

That's all of the questions I have currently and a fast response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for answering!!!


I saw that website originally but it is way too expensive compared to the 20$ for the cables off ebay.
I still need my questions answered though. thank you.

Cut the 5V wire in the USB cable.Google for the mods that were done for Rpi.


Lapdock does not work on the BBB image.


Thanks for the info on the USB battery, but what do you mean when you say lapdock doesn't work with BBB image? When I plug in the hdmi to the BBB it won't show anything on the screen?

That is what I mean. The 5_08 image works but the newer ones do not.


What is a 5_08? Is there anyway to fix this display problem and be able to use the lapdock as a complete display for the BBB?

5_08? Software release revsion.

We do not understand what is the issue on the most recent release (6_20) to where it does not work.


Is it an operating system issue? I was planning on using Ubuntu.

It is a kernel and driver issue. I don’t know if Ubuntu has been tried, but I would expect the same operation. You can try them all if you like.


Will do! Thanks a bunch for the help and fast reply!! I may just get a raspberry pi but ill let you know if it works with BBB.

If you are considering wanting to use WiFi I strongly suggest trying Debian Wheezy ( It has the most support for WiFi. I also haven’t had any display issues with it and it has a light desktop option - LXDE mentioned at that link. Just a suggestion!