Mouse and keyboard access and power

I don’t know how this general observation affects the many posters who say they boot their BBs and have no access to their keyboard and mouse but in the couple days since I’ve got my Rev C2 working I’ve found that most of those problems seem power related. For example I have found that Ubuntu Natty boots with a 5V 100 maA mouse attached but Android has a problem booting up with the same mouse.

I detach the keyboard and mouse and the boot is perfect. I attach a 3V 100mA mouse and boot is perfect and if I add a keyboard the OS works fine for a while then eventually freezes.

My power set up is a Belkin four port high speed hub, 5V 250mA with a USB mini A to OTG and data via the host. My observation tand suggestion is that you explore the optimum power supply before concluding the keyboard and mouse problem OS related. The Beagle seems very sensitive to power variations.