Mozilla B2G/Gaia

Has anyone attempted to get Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko OS running on the Beagleboard? I want to play around with their Gaia UI on my BeagleBoard-xM, and I’m wondering if I should try to get B2G running on it or just use a distro like Angstrom and try to get Gaia running on top of that. B2G seems very phone-centric right now. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else is doing anything with B2G/Gaia on Beagle hardware.


I didn’t know it was available to the public yet. Any cool features that would be worth trying out on the beagle, despite being phone-centric?

Not sure yet, still investigating. It looks like the architecture is based on some of the same building blocks as Android, so that part may not be overly interesting. I’m mostly interested in the Gaia UI and the HTML5-based app architecture, so I’m hoping its fairly transplantable to a Beagle-friendly distro like Angstrom.

Here’s info on getting the source:

B2G (which contains Gaia):