someone has been able to make the compilation and running Angstrom with the driver files that provide for the configuration of the kernel?

I would like to learn how to build it because I failed, because when loading freezes

this is the link to the instructions



using the standard 2.6.32 kernel and angstrom rootfs

opkg update
opkg install kernel-module-mt9p031
modprobe -v mt9p031
opkg install nptdate
opkg install mplayer
opkg update
opkg upgrade

Additionally the uEnv.txt file on the boot partition you need to
initialize the camera same as before. This tells the kernel that a
driver needs to be
loaded for the camera.



the package nptdate is correct? because, because it generates the following message

Unknown package ‘nptdate’

2012/7/3 Nathan Proper <>

the package nptdate is correct? because, because it generates the following message

Unknown package 'nptdate'

It should probably be 'ntpdate' (although I don't see it as necessary to get the camera working)

ok and is possible set the exposure time and access to records of the camera to set colors and the overall sensor

2012/7/4 Gary Thomas <>

hello again I can install add Nathan to try gcc as this:

opkg install gcc

says it installed but when trying to use it tells me the following:

sh: gcc: not found

and if I try to install it again generates the following message:

Package gcc (4.3.3-r24.1.6) installed in root is up to date

just telling me that it is already installed but I can utlilizarlo

2012/7/4 Juan Gerardo Sánchez Malfavón <>


That is a bit out of my scope I just got the camera working and that
was about it. The Aptina readme has some gain settings but I have not
played with the exposure time you may be able to set the frames per
second (fps) to 1 for a long exposure in the mplayer command-line and
the camera will do up to 15 or 30 I think. Post on how you end up
doing it I would be interested to play with that later. I will post if
i figure anything out. As for the nptdate Aptina lists it in the
readme so I installed it.


Has anyone been able to get this running on the mainline kernel rather than 2.6.32?

Yes, 3.2.XX has built in support Max Galemin has

Thanks Nathan - I was able to get Max's images up and running which verifies
that my hardware actually functions.

My objective is to do the same thing with Angstrom/OE and the mainline
kernel. I ultimately want to take a lower resolution from the camera, pass
it through the ISP, encode that using H.264, and then stream that over a
network with minimal latency.


Nice, Post some suggestions for the rest of us if you get 3.2 working well

Hello such, the camera is working properly and displays images with very good quality, I would like to know is if you can somehow control the brightness and contrast, as when the camera pointing towards the window, the brightness View the picture, just let me know if the speed of the frames is configurable from records as to try to do with mplayer no change.

Thank you.

2012/7/13 Nathan Proper <>

Hello that such I am not using the buildroot because he obtained the images were of low quality, install the modules of the camera that I recommended Nathan and then use this command:

$mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=640:height=480:device=/dev/video0:fps=10 -vo x11

2012/7/16 Stevyn Pompelio <>