MT9V034 and possible xclk voltage issues.

Hi All,

Has anyone had any luck getting leopard imaging's mt9v034 board to
work on the beagle xm.

I'm getting lots of random failures in both i2c bus transactions +
issues with missing pixels and the isp subsystem
timing out (probably due to not all line sync pulses arriving.).

The beagle's outputs are all 1.8 in theory, but the xclka signal is
swinging over only a very narrow range (possibly
lots of capacitance on the track to the camera connector?). Given the
aptina sensor is really expecting 3.3V
inputs, it's not necessarily surprising that there are some stability

Anyhow, all suggestions welcome and particularly news of anyone who
has this part actually working.



If you look here I do not belive you will find this camera listed as being compatible with the BeagleBoard-xM.