Multicore Support for Beagle

I am a BBB lover and I really appreciate the Cortex A8 support extended to linux through this excellent beagle community.

I would like to propose to have a beagle powered with a Cortex A 15 Multicore processor, such as TI AM5K2E04

Is there any intention of supporting such processors any time soon?

It was after a long research I figured that another open source group called HardKernal have a similar device. Only it doesn’t have a TI processor.

I would appreciate the community views on this as to why it is not acceptable to do such a design. Is it solely due to the high cost? or are there any other reasons?

Thanks for you views!

It's available now:

Or you can buy shipping hardware.. :wink:


We have no plans to use that part in a Beagle.


Hi all,

I see this was asked a few years ago, are there still no further plans to add a multicore board to the lineup?

I ask as its very likely the company I work for would have ordered one if there was, we use the PI 3 and its not 100% ideal, we would love an RTC, I know the BBB CPU has an internal one and that would have helped us, especially with the onboard battery charger.

I have a strong suspicion that the PI 3 etc are more in demand than boards from due to multiple cores.

I know the 2 different boards (pi and BBB) are targeted to different uses, BBB is great for lots of sensors and robotics etc, but I think it comes across out dated these days in comparison to the pi especially how the pi has evolved a lot with a more powerful processor every couple of years.

The new Octavia package is a great idea, I hope it help propel custom designs.

Any more thoughts?


You haven’t seen the x15 yet?