Multiple 1wire buses on Beaglebone Black

Im working on a project involving a Beaglebone Black and some DS18B20 temperature sensors. I have managed to connect my sensors to the P9_12 1wire bus and read the datas.
My problem is that I will have to use a lot of sensors (maybe like 90-100) and they would also have some distance, so I’d love to use more pins.
I already tried to follow some instructions I found from different forums, tried to change the device-tree files, but I couldn’t manage to get it to work.
Anyone has a working method to get more than one pins to work as 1wire buses?

Thanks for your help!

I havnt done this myself, but this page has instructions:

Yeah I tried that, but I guess it simply overwrites the first 1wire bus, and lets me only read only one of the connected pins, even if I keep both in /boot/uEnv.txt.

There’s the libpruw1 driver that can trigger all sensors at the same time. After measurement, reading a value takes about 10 ms. So you can get 100 values in less than two seconds on one single line bus.

The driver is not prepared to use multiple lines/busses (in order to reduce the bus length). Perhaps you can adapt the drivers source?