multiple beagleboard connected together

I would like to implement some concurrent processing solutions. Will
it be possible to purchase multiple beagleboard, connect together, run
Linux kernel on each of them, and get them to execute asynchronously
in the distributed sense?

From the top of my head:

- Connect each BB via USB-Ethernet Adapter to a switch and use the
same distributed computing solution you would use on a Linux PC.
"Easy" setup, but lots of peripherals (USB Ethernet Adapter,
Switch, ... ).
- Connect the BB via the Expansion-Header. This would need some
soldering (connector for the Expansion-Header, wiring, ... ) and your
own software implementation for the communication between the boards
and maybe even your own distributed computing solution.

Thanks Matthias,

any opensource implementation which can be customized to run on such a
loosely connected system?


Also try:
or similar searches with terms like loosely, distributed, and cluster.