Multiple LCDs

I have been searching an searching everywhere and i cant find anyone
who has talked about or suggested the use of multiple LCD screens as
one larger semi curved display. I am making basically a helmet
containing multiple LCD displays, to curve to the inside of the visor
(4-6 screens in parallel). How would you go about doing that? would
there be a separate card that could interface to the beagle board to
provide more raw LCD ports?

There is way that th eprocessor can do this, but the resolution will be small and you must have the LCD with integrated frame buffers. This means the data is stored in the LCD and not in the processor memory. You can find more details on this in the Technical Reference Manual of the processor you are using. Now, if thi sLCD is a small resolution LCD and the data you are sending is not a high frame rate, you could use serial LCDs. You could als set up to support 1 large LCD and then chop that up into smaller pieces using an FPGA to drive the individual screens.

In order to push this conversation a long, I suggest you define what the resolution of the LCD, color depth, and the frame rate at which you want to run these LCDs to operate.