Multiple LI-5M03 in BB Xm

I would like to attach multiple LI-5M03 to a single BB Xm and be able to access them sequentially with a pause between cameras of 1 sec or less. I have seen similar queries on this group, but not one using the LI-5M03. I have good reasons for picking the LI-5M03 (specifically its 2.2 um pixel size) and for wanting to connect multiple cameras to the camera port (rather than using multiple USB cameras).

The Raspberry Pi group had a series of discussions on this topic for the RPi camera which indicated that connecting multiple cameras was not possible, but then someone went and created the IVPort which could connect 4 cameras. The IVPort didn’t ever get the funding it needed to go to production, but that’s a different story.

Seems like exactly the same story.. Same limitation.. Good Luck!


In my ignorance, it isn’t clear to me why this is a problem. If I connected all the camera bus pins to each camera and then powered them up and dow in an orderly fashion, what would keep them from operating independently of each other?

Theory is just theory till someone writes a few patches and makes it works.

Go for it.



how much do you want to spend on such device? I can make a board based on SomIQ-AM37 system module (DM3730 1Ghz, 512M RAM) with 4x CMOS connectors compatible with camera modules from Leopard. You will be able to pay by Paypal to a corporate account.