Multitouch LCD

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I want to develop an application with multi touch feature. I am interested in use the 4DCAPE-43T from 4D Systems. I asked about the multit ouch capability, and they told me that that characteristic must be solved by software. I am trying to understand if multitouch could be implemente by software as far as single touch can be interprted like 2 touch or more. And I think the problem reduce to how many times the touch is detect and if it belongs to the same position. Then I can implemented by software but my question is if the beaglebone processor will be working more than necessary.

So I don’t know if multi touch is a feature embedded in the hardware touch detector or I can implement a multi touch only with one single touch LCD.

Thank you.
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Multitouch is implemented in hardware, that is two or more finger positions / movements are recognized at the same time at different positions.