my beagle (white) thinks it has a sound card - why?

I installed my DVI-D cape on my beaglebone (white) this evening by itself to verify it still functions. I’m happy to say that it does, at least so long as my AudioCape Rev. B1 is NOT also in the cape stack. The interesting thing is that when I boot with just the DVI-D cape in the stack the beagle seems to think it has a sound card and programs that are supposed to produce sound don’t complain, acting like there is an audio cape in place. Note this is the DVI-D cape without audio components installed. Why does my beagle think it has an Audio device, when none is present.



There's mcasp sound hardware in HDMI---did you disable HDMI? BTW,
there are two device tree setups: one for HDMI with both video and
sound and another one (hdmin) for just video, freeing the
sound-related pins on P9 {25,28,29,31}

The white has no HDMI to disable. and the cape is a DVI-D cape, not an HDMI cape, thus no audio.