my host PC cannot detect ttyUSB0

Hi, I always used beaglebone white before, and I bought a new BBB one week ago.
I followed steps on to start with my BBB (so does Beaglebone white),
However, my computer cannot detect ttyUSB0 through USB socket, but LEDs on BBB can blink. It seems microSD works.
I followed the steps on eewiki except “usb gadget”, “HDMI”, “eMMC”, and “SGX” parts.

I also followed steps for beaglebone white on eewiki and that works. (Debian, v3.8, my Ubuntu can detect ttyUSB0 correctly, so I guess that is not problem of file system or kernel or my host PC.)

I don’t know what happened to my beaglebone black, I guess that the problem comes from inittab or uEnv.txt, but I have no idea how to deal with it. (my BBB is Rev.C).

If I eject my microSD form BBB, my host PC can detect ttyACM0 (that is a system on eMMC), but I have to use a recompiled kernel rather than Debian on eMMC.


Your getting tricked by a little software trickery. On the original
BeagleBone, there was an ftdi based usb-serial chip connected to the
usb slave port to give your pc a raw "/dev/ttyUSB0" device. On the
BeagleBone Black this was removed to save $'s..

However, there is a usb-serial gadget, so we get the kernel to create
a usb-serial device (/dev/ttyACM0) in the default image. It's done

That "usb gadget" section on my page would have enabled
that usb-serial gadget too..


Nice to meet you, Robert !
Could you teach me how to use your use-serial gadget ?(where to put it)
I am a rookie… and I read your tutorial on eewiki for usb gadget, it says “Provides http access to beaglebone black over usb.”
I thought I didn’t need http access, so I didn’t handle it before.


RobertCNelson於 2014年7月10日星期四UTC+8下午9時49分07秒寫道:

usb ethernet is probably the most used gadget, hence i only mention
that. It also set's up /dev/mmcblk0p1 to be a usb flash drive, along
with the usb-serial gadget driver.

to make serial work, you'll also have to add: [ttyGS0]

If you don't want the usb networking stuff you can disable it..

Just download and run on your bbb