NAND flash interface to OMAP3530

hi all,

we have to interface 2 NAND flashes to OMAP3530.

we have chosen CS0 and CS1 of GPMC for interface.

the selected part number of NAND flash is MT29F16G16ADBCAH4-IT.

which is a 16gb, 1.8v, x16 etc..

my question is

is it possible to interface 2 NAND flashes of x16 to OMAP 3530?

and how ?

please help

thanks and Regards

N Reddy

using CS0 and CS1! It is concluded from your question

document SPRUF98R
page 1072

Babu, when will you begin to read datasheets supplied by TI? I suggest
to start reading right now! :slight_smile:

Do you have driver code for that EXACT device? If you don’t you have a pretty involved project ahead of you. There are interface standards, but like promises standards are made to be broken. I wrote a NAND flash driver for the NXP LCP3250 and I’m happy to share my experiences with you in the form of an ICD (Interface Control Document) I wrote. Some things to be aware of: MLC vs SLC, the controller and the device must match. Small page vs large page: the driver and the device must match.

this device is supported in x-loader/u-boot/kernel