Narcissus Angstrom for Beaglebone?

I see beagleboard but not beaglebone on the narcissus choice for
angstrom at

Can I take the .tar.gz file produced from beagleboard selection and
use it in the 2nd partition with the beaglebone MLO, uImage?

Or do I need to wait for beaglebone to appear as a choice there?


I noticed that Beaglebone now appears in the Narcissus target platform
list. (Maybe it's been there awhile, but I just noticed it today.)

I would imagine that there are some people (including me) wondering
whether they should switch to using Narcissus as a source of
Beaglebone images, as opposed to the demo download page (http:// Can someone who is
familiar with how Narcissus works explain what the advantages/
disadvantages are over a demo download?