NAS device error

Using the new 'mlo' and 'u-boot,bin' on the version 4_25 validation
image on my Beagleboard XM I get an error when accessing a network-
attached storage device. Using the older 'mlo' and 'u-boot.bin' with
the 20 Aug 2010 image I do not get this error. I have tied it down to
'mlo' and 'u-boot.bin' because I get the same difficulty under RISC OS
and these are the only things in common.

Under the Linux GUI the NAS is seen under 'Places/Network' but on
trying to open it I get the error: "dbus error
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply
(timeout by message bus)" and under RISC OS the error is 'Cannot find
given server'.

The network itself is working as I can browse the internet.