Natural face-up position for BBAI-64 ?

Hi guys,

my BBAI-64 just arrived. I am very excited. The question i have for you is this.
. there are, of course, two sides for the board, one with the heat sink, the other where
there are the headers.
. It is quite obvious that for experimenting it is better to keep the headers face up and the heatsink face down, since you can plug stuff more easily, access easily buttons, see leds etc.
. On the other side, it seems obvious that for cooling purposes it would be better to keep the heatsink side facing up. In this way there will be probably more space between it and something else (the table e.g.) so more space for irradiating hear, and the heated air can flow up instead of flowing against the board.

So my question is. Have you done experiments already on flipping the board on one side or the other ? How do you usually keep it ? Have you noticed differences ?

I would say that it is a MAJOR benefit that i don’t need to use the FAN. Thank you.


Hi @nmingotti heatsink down is the common way…

If you start pushing things, something like this works great, as my desk does get a little warm.

You can watch:

debian@BeagleBone:~/examples$ cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone*/temp