Neccessary to mount debian-filesystem readonly?


I’d like to use the Beaglebone black in an industrial environment, where loss of power supply is very common. So far I am using the standard Debian supplied for the Beaglebone black. Is there a need for the linux-system to run on a readonly file system? And if so, is there a how-to available?

Thanks in advance!


It "helps".. :wink:

So i have a two step process setup, (just for the microSD card), as i
haven't expanded the script for the eMMC yet..

Find the base tar of any of my images:

For example: 2015-03-01

The base would be:

Next extract that, you'll find a "" and hwpack directory..

Copy the git versions from:

Next, using "" use the "--ro" option...

You'll need a 4GB microSD card or greater..

Along with "--ro" include the standard options, just ask what they
were for a particular image.

Now the second step, on first bootup, configure all your /etc/* options.

Finally open /etc/fstab and switch to the ro option for /..