Need a hardware engineer to design custom cape.

I’m looking for a hardware engineer that can design a custom cape consisting of one serial RS232 port, 6 PWM’s that each convert the BBB’s 0-3.3 volts into 0-10 volts PWM, and also provide access to 8 ADC inputs. This is a paid job so if you are interested please let me know.

Hi Dave,

Please email me your detailed requirements specification and the detailed hardware specification.

Would you prefer to pay per hour or by a milestones?

Please realize that the design work cannot be done without a live communication

with the person doing the software.

With the best regards,



Thank you for the reply.

We are finishing up our spec and I will have it emailed to you by noon EST tomorrow.

For pay we would prefer to do on a milestone basis if that is okay?

Hi again Dave,

Once I get the detailed spec I can give you my version of milestones and the amount of work to reach them.

Then I can also give the hours estimates. What is your opinion of the fair hourly fee of this kind of design work?

To get started I would need the initial installment so I can devote my efforts to this work. What do you propose?

Looking forward for the great cooperation,

Seppo Nikkilä, M.Sc.EE Helsinki University of Technology, 1975

Puerto Banús, Marbella, Spain