Need BBB Audio Cape!

I hope someone is going to come up with a genuine audio solution for the BBB/Linux. If I understand the compatibility chart, the present audio cape only works if HDMI is disabled, and even then it is “experimental” at best.

Surely this makes it impossible to use BBB for a goodly class of applications. (Including mine! I need high-quality stereo in and out. I have not found any reasonably priced USB options that approach the quality, e,g., of the BeagleBoard XM.)

If there is a new product coming, I’d certainly like to know what can be known about it.


What is your definition of this good solution? There is already a stereo audio cape already in existence that will work. All they need is to get the SW working. Will this not work? Or do you demand something different?


Good question. Everybody has their own needs.

In my software defined radio application, I need a minimum 48 kHz sampling and 16 bit sampling. Sampling up to 192 kHz is a plus if audio bandpass is flat up to near the Nyquist rate (24 to 96 kHz). Even more important, the low frequency noise level (“1/f” noise) should be minimal.

See for my recent evaluation of some sound options for SDR.

In my experience, most moderately priced USB solutions fail on noise and/or phase matching of R/L. The BB XM is very good, as are many built-in PC sound cards.

Yes the existing cape may do the job, but it is no go with the BBB if there is no sw support. And I need the HDMI. We are in a bit of a rush, like everybody.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Martin Ewing
from Nexus 7 tablet

As I am sure you know, the SW support is coming for the 3.8 kernel. I understand the no SW is a no go for you. That is not hard to figure out.

SW support is coming. But it will take a little while. The question is how fast do you need it?



I need to settle on a hardware/os approach in the next month, but yesterday would be better…

It’s for a writing project where we want to focus on BBB if possible.


Martin Ewing
from Nexus 7 tablet

OK. Let me see what I can do. They are working on a 3.2 Kernel that supports the capes, but that is still a few days away.