need beaglebone documentation in mobi format

It would be very convenient if beaglebone or any documentation is in mobi format. Had anyone produced a good beaglebone documentation in mobi format. Available free pdf to mobi converter tools are not giving satisfactory result. Anyone who love reading in their kindle support my post.

Refernce manual in at least html format would be nice.

That is not something I really have time to do. But, the PDF files are available so if there are free converters, then I see no barriers t doing this.


Personally, I find the PDF readers on kindle to be much more friendly than a mobi reader for this kind of thing. Zoom, pan, and other features which are essential to electronics documentation is much more user friendly with the PDF reader I have on my kindle. Just my preference though.

Googled a bit n found that Kindle is supporting KF8 format which supports HTML5 CSS SVG JPEG etc. So converting PDF into KF8 AZW3 file at gave me good result. It would be nice if ref. manual is with out Header and Footer for every page.

I am not going to start creating a bunch of special formats for people. What we have now has worked fine for 5 years.


Please make existing format more generic. Just remove gaudy borders, headers, and footers. It makes the reference manual easily convertible to other formats.

Thank you

I thought I made myself clear. but, maybe not. The gaudy orders and pictures stay.