need Database Architect at San Jose, CA.

Position: Database Architect

Location: San Jose,CA


Mandatory technical skill:

5 to 7 years ex

· Ensuring always on architecture, fast performance, flexibility data storage and distribution with the ability of the databases to scale and evolve to meet future requirements.

· Evaluating new database technologies and tools to meet growing challenges

· Planning detailed deployments with database and software engineers that use advanced techniques to minimize or eliminate downtime when making changes.

· Implementing schema changes in development, thoroughly testing DDL scripts, including scripts to rollback changes and to ensure no single point of failure.

Developing and implementing scripts for database maintenance, performance tuning, monitoring etc.


Digvijay Singh


IDC Technologies, Inc.

1851 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 116, Milpitas, CA , USA

Phone: 408-457-9381 Ext- 4073 Email:


You need to update your spam bot, so at-least it’ll be on topic…

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May be intentional. These duchebags are pretty hard up, because noone with any skill will work through them. Working through agencies like this, you typically only get 30%-40% of what the job is actually worth.


They like to ask what looks like a valid question and then they do this. I just laser trimmed this guy. So, one will slip through every now and then, but at that point, they are zapped.



We should all send him a flood of fake resumes to clog his inbox

But maybe he was looking for someone to do DB architect work for databases that would be running on BBB installations? I have a BBB running LAMP and it handles the mysql it just fine, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that the post was at least not completely off-topic (except for the commercial nature of the solicitation)… :slight_smile: