Need help Arch Linux on SD

my name is Michel.
I need some help with Arch linux.
I’m sitting in front of my mac “computer” and hitting my head against the desk…
for the last 4 weeks i been searching the web for how to get a Arch arn linux on my freaking sd card. and as you can hear… No luck so fare :frowning:
i just can’t !!!
What i’m trying to do is:
Put Arch linux on my micro sd. Put it in my BBB and boot it, and get Arch running, when that works i want it to flash it self to emmc and run. And after that install a GUI so i can control it over remote desktop
is that possible ?

Please can any one please help me???

From a “noob” Danish BBB user.

Did you look here?

Worked perfectly for me, though I haven’t yet flashed to eMMC.


Here is a tutorial with a few more details than the archarm page.

and for a few basics on getting it setup.


Is there maybe an easier way like a GUI ? like on the Raspberry pi ?

All distro’s have a GUI on arch you just have to install it yourself. Refer to the arch wiki for your choice of desktop. I believe you can also install Arch through n00bs or whatever its called. But the install process is simple as it is.