Need help connecting USB TTL to PocketBeagle


I have been searching online all weekend to no avail to find out exactly how I can connect a PocketBeagle to this USB to TTL adapter if it is possible can anyone help me? The layouts I have seen have the TX,RX, GND on the adapter connected to the PocketBeagle RX,TX,GND but when I plugged the usb into my laptop nothing happened. Does anyone know if the 3v and 5v pins on the adapter need to be plugged in and how do they connect to the PocketBeagle(which pins (P1p14?). If this is not the right adapter please advise which on will work on the PocketBeagle.

Thank you and I apologize for my ignorance.

First of all I have not used this particular adapter. All the similar adapters I have used get their power from the USB connection and have a jumper to select between 5v and 3.3 volts for the RX and TX interface. Looking at the picture of the board, I cannot see a jumper. As the Pocket Beagle is 3.3 volts only, I suggest you connect the Pocket Beagle 3.3 volts ( P1 pin 15) to the 3.3 pin on the board. I would not connect the 5.0 volts.


Do you have a link to the adapters that you have used that work with the pocket beagle?


First of all that should have been P1 PIN 14 (not 15). Sorry for that mistake.

I use the following board.

OSEPP FTDI USB to Serial Basic Breakout Board (3.3V/5V). I set the jumper to 3.3 volts and connect TX, RX and GND from the Pocket Beagle. I use putty on the laptop with a setting of: Baud – 115200; Data bits – 8; stop bits 1; parity – none.

Do an online search for “FTDI USB to Serial Basic Breakout Board“. You do need one that does 3.3 volts.


Thanks so much Graham, I am ordering that exact board, do you plug the CTS, VCC and DRS into anything or you DON’T use those at all?

Thanks so much for your help, I was pulling my hair out trying to find the right board.

I do not use any of the other pins. Voltage to the board comes from the USB side.