Need Help on Getting Started With C6Run On Beagleboard Documentation

Hello All,
I am working on some Real time Image Processing algorithms using Opencv. I am able to implement these algo on ARM side successfully. But my ultimate goal is to take benefit of on Board DSP to improve performance. Few days before Vladimir asked me to look into dsplink and codec engine (CE) or maybe C6Run.
As I read lot of documents.I got little bit confused because some of them were outdated. Now, I want to use C6Run for my implementation.

I read this documentation.

I am able to finish till OpenEmbedded and Angstrom Setup step.I didn’t get any luck to Build Base Image for Beagleboard.

I am new to this part, please correct or guide me, If I am wrong.

My questions are-

  1. If I go with C6Run, do I need to worry about dsplink and codec engine (CE) activation ?
  2. Do I need to have enough space around 20 GB and Couple of hours time to Build Base Image for Beagleboard &

Building and installing an Angstrom SDK.3) If step 2 is YES. Can I use external Hard Drive to build these steps ? as my machine don’t have enough space. or Is there any already Build Image for use to avoid these steps ?

I have stucked here for a long time. Can anybody guide me in a right direction , please? thanks in advance!!


Hello All,
I am waiting for reply. Can anybody really help me out ?