Need Help with Camera Port on BeagleBoard-xM RevC

I have a Beagleboard-xM RevC to which DVSDK-4.01 is ported and runs Linux Angstrom on it. To this board i have to interface a custom made board built using ADV7403. ADV7403 interact with the Beagleboard via the camera connector port which is there on the beagleboard.

Input to ADV7403 is a RGB signal and the output of ADV7403 is 4:2:2 10-bit YCbCr. now the beagleboard has to process this YCbCr and store into a digital format.

ADV7403 is programmed via I2C and im able to configure ADV7403 to my requirement using i2cget and i2cset commands from the terminal. Now i have the YCbCr signals at the

camera port of the Beagleboard but Beagleboard is not able to detect these signals. when i check the devices detected for video it lists out /dev/video1 and /dev/video2. but these are listed even when i dont connect my ADV7403. This leads to the conclusion that ADV7403 might not be getting detected by the Beagleboard.

  1. How do i make the beagleboard to detect my adv7403 which is connected to its camera connector.

  2. As i can configure the ADV7403 to process RGB signal and give out YCbCr, can i make the beagleboard to process this YCbCr by using any application or by using any command. If the answer is yes then how to do it…??

if i have missed out any information which is needed please mention it.

thanking you,
Shravan Kulkarni

i need adv7403.c and adv7403_regs.h ,adv7403linux driver
you can send me??