Need information regarding beagle speech scrambler

  I am student. I am new to beagle board.I want some basic
information to start the project on beagle speech scrambler.

vinod wrote:

   I am student. I am new to beagle board.I want some basic
information to start the project on beagle speech scrambler.

Please ask your supervisor to give you another project

I am student. I am new to beagle board.I want some basic
information to start the project on beagle speech scrambler.

Please try to do some reasonable things you might want to do in a
speech scrambler on your board before attempting to act very basic
questions. You will consistently get very negative responses if you
don't make an effort.

Ask yourself, what does a speech scrambler need to do? Does it need
to capture audio? Does it need to output audio? Try to use search
engines to search for how to do those basic operations on your
BeagleBoard then come back with some additional text in your e-mail.

It is always advisable to read the FAQ for a group before posting
questions. In this case, the FAQ is at

There is a particular section you should read at this point that
contains a link to this website:

Personally, I would put together an e-mail something like this:

I'm working on a speech scrambler on my BeagleBoard for a school
project. I've done countless Google searches on how to capture,
process and output audio on Linux and on the BeagleBoard and here is
what I've learned...


However, when I attempt the following detailed steps, the output is
something different than I expect....


Be sure to prove to us in the above that you made a real attempt and
that you are being diligent to capture the details of your process.

Next, and this is the tough part....

BE PREPARED TO BE CALLED AN IDIOT (or some other such derogatory term)

This is OK. This is GOOD. The fact is, you are an idiot--in a good
way. The difference is that you'll now be someone who doesn't know
something attempting to learn something, rather than someone who is
going to be an idiot forever. People will see that you are trying and
be interested in helping you achieve results, maybe even interested in
using your speech scrambler on one of their own projects at some time
in the future.

Happy Beagleing!

  Nice response. I've posted a pointer to it in my Tips and Tricks
page [1].



And Vinod, don't fear about making mistakes.
"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new" - Einstein

All the best ,

First basic information anyone should learn is "Googling", so:

Check this out:

and among the first few links: (wow....someone
started the project in Jan 2010???).

and yes, many other links are electronics-based. If u want to do it
digitally in Beagleboard (computation-based) and responds in realtime,
some proper performance assessment is needed.

Other "basic information" as u requested which u will need are:

a. stereo audio in and out - for the beagleboard. find out how to
read/write to that port.

b. Beagleboard has a DSP - how to use that:

BB is used for SDR (software-defined radio):

so I would not rule out the performance capability of the BB for

"The DSP is open - Beagle Board"

c. Find out all the opensource tools and libraries available (eg,

d. And lots of theory: voice encoding/decoding, encryption/
decryption, different types of transformation for digital signals etc.

Finally, here is one but using another TI's DSK:

A Simple Voice Scrambler using the TMS320C6x DSK

thank you sir ,for your information

Good answer Peter but i think self searching is the best way to know one’s own requirements. I’ve asked the dumbest of the dumbest question in forums like Stackexchange where i got ridiculed pretty bad, it’s because i’ve never tried thinking in my own shoes and learn stuff. So i encourage you to answer in a more stern manner because technology is never easy to understand in other’s thinking or action. I hope you got what i really meant.


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