Need recommendations for a USB-to-Ethernet dongle


I am writing a video-conf application on the Beagleboard. For networking I’m using a Ethernet over USB dongle which uses the Davicom DM9601 driver, which apparently is known to have throughput issues
However, it turns out that the dongle (a Chinese model) supports only upto 10Mbits which explains why I see a lot of frames being dropped when streaming video over RTP.

I was told on the Beagleboard IRC yesterday that USB dongles with chipsets from Asix and Moschip give a better throughput. I think Netgear was mentioned as one of the probables.
Can anyone please let me know which specific USB dongles you guys are working with and if they are providing decent throughput ?

I am in India, so it would be great if someone from India can answer so that I can try to acquire it locally.
But in anycase, I don’t mind ordering it if it is highly recommened.


I have the BeagleBuddy Zippy add-on board, which only does 10BaseT,
but it works very well with the Angstrom Linux demo. However, there
is now a Zippy 2 with 100BaseT interface for US$99, and it is also
compatible with version B and C of the BeagleBoard.


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Hi Raseel,

I have had good luck with the USB dongle listed about halfway down this page. It uses an ASIX chipset, and is packaged in a 3-port powered USB hub:

However, it costs US$30, and sadly I can’t tell you where to find just the ethernet portion. Someone here might be able to do so.

hope this helps!


TRENDnet TU2-ET100 (uses the asix chipset):

I'm using this now with the Angstrom kernels.

I'm also using a TU2-ET100C:

which has a different chip in it (I believe it's a Pegasus).

Both are widely available for less than $20 (US).

Check this link:

for a lot more info on various USB network interfaces for linux.

I can't really speak the performance of ether, as I haven't tested them enough,
but I have not had any problems with them hooked up to some cheap gigabit
ethernet switches, serving up files from the Beagle using SAMBA.