Need some advice on how to go about it.

I would like to get some ideas on how to best accomplish the following system i want to create. I have a box that has 5 temp sensors, 6x PWM fans, gyroscope, key switch. 3 x Driver that gives out A and V. Then i have a remote that can be up to 100m with wire or wireless away to set these sensors, show the graphs. The remote would feature a 7inch touch display.

My plan was to use a fubino on the box side and a beagle bone black on the remote and have them communicate (how because the distance of the remote and box). Better would be if i could use the beaglebone black in the box and just the screen on the remote, if that is possible (but how would i communicate with the beaglebone black and display over the long distance). Please advise what would work best. I could also use 2 beaglebone black if necessary.

Any advise and suggestion are welcome.