Need some Suggestion

Hi all,
I am a Beagle Board Enthusiast.
I worked on BB in a company for a while, porting Angstrom and
developing some naive applications.

I've left the field for 5 months for another one. I today return back
to the continue my work on BB. I want to purchase a BB.

The Main purpose is to explore and if possible make some cool working
stuff using it.
I have heard about Beagle Bone that It comes as a standalone and also
a expansion to the BB.
To my knowledge, even BB Xm has no interface to Touchscreen/LCD
I would like to know if there is any provision to connect a display to
the Bone ? I want to make programs that needs some display..

Should I go with BeagleBone or Beagle Board ?
Please suggest me a good board.

There are a lot of displays with TS specially designed for BB (-XM). I’ve purchased one (7" 800x480 + TS).

I’d would go for BB-XM. Bone is so fresh and so buggy as I understand from messages on the mail-list…

2012/2/2 bumble-omap <>

Thanks a lot Maxim,

I would then go for BB Xm
May I know the touch screen you have interfaced with your BB ?

2012/2/3 bumble omap <>


I have Seen your ebay pic of BB , Im in India… I would like to know if there is any availability in India.?



you can refer to this site.
office is situated in Bangalore. India



I have contacted the Tenet Tech.

Can you give me a feedback of their products ?
Have u purchased any product from them ? Is it working fine ? Will they provide any support in terms of some issue ?

Thanks and Regards.


Beagleboard-xM has interface to touchscreen display and is available with
us .Please find the below link
(For 7 inch LCD display)

There is also 10.4 inch touchscreen for Beagleboard and is available with
us shortly.

Regarding Beaglebone there is a 7 inch LCD from TI and will be available
with us shortly.

Please contact us for further details and queries or drop us a mail at

Tenet Technetronics

i have recently purchased the beagle board xm rev c . and the product
was working fine with factory setup and now i formated the sd card and
now i am trying to boot linux... but not suceeded yet. so iam trying
and regarding support i have not yet contacted.

It is a good idea to start a fresh email thread instead of grabbing an exisiitng one.