Need Your help

Hi all,

Help required to setup SD Card.

I have successfully done two partition on my 2GB SD card, one having approx 400MB and second having 1.5GB. I have copied MLO u-boot.bin and uImage file in the same order and also copied ramdisk.gz ramfs.img md5sum.txt user.scr which are all supplied with my beagleboard XM rev.A3. In second partition, I have copied my very simple code(.out file) just printing “Welcom to the world of ARM” which i have compiled with omap compiler.When I inserted this card into beagle board, few times it was working fine after that it is not at all detecting. I have deleted all partiion and reconstruct it but still not getting success. I have formated both partition and recopied those file but still facing same issue. All configuration, power supply are ok because when i inserted the card which is supplied with board, it is working fine and showing login message on my hyper terminal. i.e my serial communication settings along with USB to Serial converter are working fine.