Net install of Debian Squeeze on Beagleboard

I was attempting the net install of debian squeeze on my beagleboard,
and the internet connection was so slow that when it got through with
the taskselect and began downloading the packages it said it was going
to take over a day to finish. So I got my cell phone hooked up to my
laptop with my tethering data plan, and share the connection out to
the cat 5 ethernet port, and attached that to my router instead of the
satellite modem after I tested it with a different computer.

Long story short it seems to take over 8 hours to do the net install
even with the cell connection instead of the satellite one, so I am
going to be making an image of the
SD card once its installed completely (options on tasksel are just
desktop environment and ssh server) and uploading it to my web site

Perhaps this will save someone some time who is looking to try debian
on the beagle board (I have a C3 beagle board, not XM) but doesn't
want to take the time a complete
net install takes.