Netinstall errors

I have just recently experienced errors with RCN's netinstall as follows:

                          Debootstrap Error │
   ┌─│ Couldn't retrieve dists/wheezy/main/binary-armhf/Packages. This may │
   │ │ be due to a network problem or a bad CD, depending on your │
   │ │ installation method.

I have exhausted all methods for testing my network (cables, packet loss monitoring, changing mirrors, etc.) This seems to happen with either wheezy or jessie. Is there some maintenance going on right now? I am puzzled.


Odd, I just fired up a wheezy netinstall too.. Not seeing that on my
end. I know 7.8 is scheduled for this weekend, so the repo might have
been in a mid update to move any wheezy updates into the archive.


Seems to be OK now. I think you may be right about the repo update. It was certainly giving multiple errors fro around 9 last night up to 10 this morning.