netinstall or image-builder?

First of all I would like to thank Robert for all his good work on moving the Debian system forward on the BBB. I am a little confused, however regarding building a minimal system.
What is the relationship between netinstall and image-builder? I am looking to build a minimal system where I can cherry-pick packages. Netinstall has rudimentary menus that allow some choice, but image-builder appears to only build a system that has many features that I do not want, such as nodejs, apache, X, etc. The Angstrom system had recipes for console only images. Is there a similar image for Debian?

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It's all about who the end user is...

For the experienced debian developer, who knows what they are doing
and just wants to install debian. This script only installs a working
bootloader/kernel everything else is up to the end user. (Currently no
working solution for Windows/Mac users)

Image-Builder: (there's actually 4 targets)

"" : This is a beta of what will be shipping
with the board. A certain out of box experience is required, thus lots
of things are installed and will not meet your "minimal"
requirements.. (Solution for Win/Mac)

"" : pretty minimal, it's what I've been shipping here: (Solution for Win/Mac)

"" : even smaller, no default kernel, it's
completely up to you to setup bootloader/kernel.

"" : even smaller, previous on a diet, will fit
in under 64Mb (no kernel/bootloader)..