Network autoconfiguration failed

I am installing Ubuntu on the Beagleboard-xm. I have followed Netinstall method. I got HDMI to DVI cable. I have started booting by inserting SD card on to beagleboard-xm. It is asking for “Configure the network”. Here there are two options

  1. etho: Ethernet
    2.usb0: USB net

Since I have connected the beagleboard-xm and my host computer with USB OTG cable , I have selected “Usb0:USB net”.
But it is giving an error as follows:

Sounds as though the the usb0 device is connected to a different subnet than your LAN. Which makes total sense, since you probably do not have a network bridge between usb0 and your eth interface ( whichever it may be, but probably eth0 ).

The quick easy fix, plug an Ethernet cable into your BB from your LAN, then try again. Assuming your LAN does have an DHCP server on it (most do ). The long and hard fix is quite honestly too complex to go over on the groups here, and quite honestly I do not know all the steps myself.

I have connected my LAN cable directly and configured the network manually. Then while choosing mirror of the Ubuntu archive, it is asking for Ubuntu archive mirror country, and here are two options:
1.Enter information manually
2.United Kingdom

I have selected “Enter information manually”. And here it is asking for the “Ubuntu archive mirror hostname”, “Ubuntu archive mirror directory”.

What shall I type the “Ubuntu archive mirror hostname” and “Ubuntu archive mirror directory” ?

Time for you to do a bit of googling.

Seems obvious, go back and select "2. United Kingdom"...


After I choose United Kingdom, it is asking for HTTP proxy to access the outside world, and It wants the proxy information in the standard form of “http://[[user] [:pass] @]host[:port]/”. Which user name should I use? I request you please explain the standard form of “http://[[user] [:pass] @]host[:port]/” in detail.

Please read the whole message and leave the line empty if you are not
behind a proxy server.

If leave the line empty it is showing an error as “Bad archive mirror”.

"and" this is on the same 'network connection' where it kept
corrupting the *.deb file a few weeks ago?

Honestly, there is no way we can support your, if your network sucks...


Ok sir, Thankyou. I will consult my network administrator.

I request you to kindly help me up:
Actually I have a doubt about how to configure the network. Should we connect the internet connection to the beagleboard-xm by ethernet port on beagleboard-xm?

I would...


I did not get the text.