Network does not reconnect after temporarily removing Ethernet cable?

Hello everyone,

I am using a Beagle Bone Black with a RGB123 cape to drive pixels. With the BBB running Falcon Player (latest version,, if I unplug the network cable and reconnect it, the BBB becomes unresponsive to a ping (it doesn’t recover from the temporary disconnect). I have to hard reset the BBB to get it communicating again.

On my RPi running an older version of Falcon Player (, I can unplug and replug the network cable and it recovers just fine.

Any idea why the BBB is temperamental with the network connection? The IP address is statically assigned on the BBB. Any idea to help it auto recover from a temporary network disconnect?


Well it was an issue in the past with 3.8.13/wheezy...


Hi Robert,

Thanks for the tip! I’ll check the OS version when I return home from work.