Network manager problem


In syslog I often see these lines.

Dec 16 10:35:25 beaglebone NetworkManager[628]: ((src/settings/nm-settings-connection.c:361)): assertion '<dropped>' failed
Dec 16 10:35:25 beaglebone NetworkManager[628]: ((src/settings/nm-settings-connection.c:361)): assertion '<dropped>' failed
Dec 16 10:35:25 beaglebone NetworkManager[628]: ((src/settings/nm-settings-connection.c:361)): assertion '<dropped>' failed

Also wifi drops frequently
I am using beaglebone blue


I think connmanctl was used instead of network manager/networkd for kernel 4.19.x. At least while trying w/ the images available at the time, I am pretty sure I was using connmanctl.


Ok, So I dissabled connman and error is gone :smiley:

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Hello @aivcho ,

Nice…I am glad you got it working. WiFi can be an odd instance at times or it can work wonders.


P.S. BBBlue!

Okay, I checked log again and I saw that error didn’t disappeard

@aivcho ,

You were right to disregard one of the two instances that handle WiFi on the BBBlue.

I am having some issues w/ kernel 4.19.x as of now, too. My WiFi is up but the dev. desktop keeps beeping like the connection to/from the BBBlue and dev. desktop keep connecting and disconnecting.


P.S. So, is the error just a log error or is it still dropping your WiFi in and out?

Yes, WiFi is still dropping in and out


I am not sure about the WiFi dropping as of now. I have not personally seen it happen. Again, I think w/ 4.19.x kernels, the connmanctl command was used to handle the WiFi on the BBBlue.

W/ that said, me personally, I have updated the kernel and image to Bullseye where networkd is used “instead.”

Now, I have seen some people complain about the WiFi dropping in and out w/ 4.19.x, i.e. as some people do not develop specifically for that kernel.

  1. Do you know what WiFi chip is on the BBBlue?
  2. If you get the info. of the chip, maybe updating the firmware could be a reasonable approach.
  3. There may even be an open source alternative to the chip firmware available from someone in this group.

Anyway, I am sorry. I do not think I can be of any further assistance b/c I am not seeing it on my end and have not had to overcome it (yet). Connman just worked for me during my use w/ it during the 4.19.x kernels.


P.S. Also! Some ideas…

a. use the antennas!
b. make sure you are close to your router or assignment operator for IP Address…
c. try to learn about updating the source for the chip. If you want, I can jump in again but I will need to figure out the WiFi chip mfg. and part number.

I thought of some more reasons and/or ideas:

  1. journalctl -xe please put this output in a file like w/ the service
  2. ip a please mark out your actual IP Address by changing it or making it up when posting the output
  3. dmesg --follow please post anything you see as odd or misbehaving b/c this is real-time
  4. dmesg | grep -E “memory|tty|dma”
  5. dmesg ANYTHING WIFI RELATED along w/ GREP


dmesg -f syslog, daemon && dmesg -x

The -x will show what is malfunctioning and maybe even why it is in that state…

The syslog and daemon are for fun! Maybe try tracking down the daemon causing (?) the issue or reading syslog located at /var/log/syslog via dmesg! I know…none of this is the exact cause or a cure as of now.

I will get on the BBBlue soon to see if indeed I am receiving such errors and can try to fix it!

I am going to review this page online and try to reincarnate what I read w/ the BBBlue! Oh and here is the page:

Sorry. I know I just keep posting ideas. Let me tell you where I found some of this info. outside of the page online:

DEC 6, 2019, 8:00 AM EST | 6 MIN READ

That person can be found on How-to-Geek online. He really has some handy knowledge and shares quite frequently on specific sites. Anyway, enjoy. I hope you find out via the tools and commands given exactly what this WiFi bug is about currently. I will try too!

Dec 16 10:35:25 beaglebone NetworkManager[628]: ((src/settings/nm-settings-connection.c:361)): assertion '<dropped>' failed

Have you been to your error in your system? Line 361 on the .c file is a good place to look (sort of). Who knows?