Network problems on the BBxm running angstrom


So I am facing a few problems on the BBxm with my networking.
Up until a few days ago I had no problem in connecting to a network, installing via opkg and accessing the internet via the BBxm.

But as of late, I suddenly cannot access the internet or use opkg.

Here are the symptoms.

  1. Cannot run opkg update or opkg install xxx. I get the error “wget returned 1” and “opkg_install_pkg: Failed to download xxx. Perhaps you need to run ‘opkg_update’ ?”.
  2. I can ping a machine connected to the same Network without a problem. But I can’t ping to (say)
  3. I can’t use Midori to surf the internet.
  4. The ethernet port seems to be working fine - the lights are blinking and I can ping.
  5. I cannot open System > Administration > Network. It says “The configuration could not be loaded. An unknown error occurred.” Also the networking icon on the top left corner of the screen is missing.

Also, I access the net via my college network so the proxy settings are manually set. Concretely, in System > Preferences > Network Proxy, I have checked “Manual Proxy Configuration” and “Use the same proxy for all protocols” and have set a different proxy and port.
I haven’t had problems connecting this way until this problem occurred.

I let a friend of mine play around with my Board a few days ago, and I suspect he messed things up. Anyone here who can give a few pointers on how I can fix this ?

Thanks !