Networking with the BeagleBoard

Thanks to all the information people have put on this board and
elsewhere, I have my BeagleBoard xM up and running. For now, I've got
Ubuntu 10.10 with Gnome going. That seems to tax the speed of the OMAP
processor -- I can surf the Internet but it's as slow as molasses.

The problem I face now is communicating with the BeagleBoard over my
local area network. I've got some programs I've written that I want to
download to the BeagleBoard, but none of my other computers on the
network "see" the BeagleBoard.

Any solution?

Thank you.

How do you expect them to "see" the BeagleBoard (what does that mean)?

Note: this isn't Windows where machines magically appear by name. You
have to know their name and/or IP address to work with them.