New angstrom image installation problem

I am a newbie in beaglebone black.Yesterday I install Ubuntu in my beaglebone black which work great, but now I want to install Angstrom, so I download image for angstrom (Angstrom-Cloud9-IDE-GNOME-eglibc-ipk-v2012.12-beaglebone-2013.08.21.img) .Then extract it using using “7-zip”, using “Win32 disk imager” I write it into 16 GB SD card. Then I put my SD card in Beaglebone Black and press boot button. Now I insert 5V 1Amp dc adapter. After making sure that all four LED’s are on I release boot button.
Now problem is my four LED’s keeps blinking. I check it for more than one hour but its still blinking. According to the tutorial it should get stable after 35-45 minutes.I please tell me where I am doing mistake.


Yes i am facing the same problem

What does it mean when the 4 led keeps blinking ?


This is the flasher. The other one isn’t

I don’t know whether you solved the problem or not but this might help other who face same problem.

There are 2 files available



Former is the eMMC flasher which is used to flash the eMMC and when the process is complete the 4 USR leds will be stable. Second one is used to run angstrom from the microSD and you can connect HDMI or cape to ensure that.

Bishan Preet Singh