New BB Black won't go to desktop (Kernel Panic) and won't boot without SD card.

Hi all.
I just got a BeagleBone Black. Plugged it in, opened ‘Start.html’ , installed USB drivers, and opened and played around with some scripts.

I downloaded the latest Debian EMMC flasher, put it on an SD card, plugged in, held Boot and applied power. It blinked for a while, then all 4 leds turned off.

Now the BBB no longer functions:

  • It will not boot at all without an SD card (none of the 4 user lights turn on)
  • With the SD card inserted, it does not boot into desktop, but gets after ‘Kernal panic - Not syncing - hung_task - blocked task’
  • no longer responds

Any advice ?

Did you remove the microSD after "flashing" it, it'll take 10-15mins..


Yes, as I stated, it no longer boots without an SD card.

Then reflash again.. making sure no capes are connected and your using
a 5v dc source (not usb)..