New BBB ordered from Logic Supply received A5C instead of A6 - Should I return?


It may sound like a stupid question, but I just ordered a new BBB and although there was no mention of it on their website () I received an A5C revision board rather than the latest one. I am thinking of returning it and getting an A6 board instead, but I didn’t know if it was necessary.

Any thoughts? I checked the System Reference Manual and there aren’t many changes from A5C, but I’m worried I may run into some of the problems that the A6 board fixed.


Considering the fact that we have yet to ship any A6 boards, it does not surprise me that they shipped the current version.

Feel free to read the support Wiki, which describes the differences and see if that affects you. In my opinion, of course I am just the designer, I would just keep the A5C instead of waiting a couple of weeks before the A6 start showing up. There are no differences n features or operations between the two versions, so waiting for the A6 versions gets you nothing new… You have nothing to worry about.


Thanks Gerald, I appreciate your response. I just wanted to check as my gut feeling was it was fine, but I didn’t know if the problems fixed were likely to occur with the A5C. Thanks for putting my mind to rest.

On a side note, is there any way of knowing when a revision has shipped to production? I had assumed it was already available as it was listed in the SRM. If I had known it hadn’t shipped yet I wouldn’t have bothered you with this post! :slight_smile:

It does not matter. Why? Well, even if we are shipping say Rev A6, the distributor can still have Rev 5C in inventory. So knowing what is actually shipping does not have a lot of value.


Hi Gerald,

It would be useful to know if the ground bounce on the crystal would affect high sampling operation of the analog inputs. Could you advise if you think this will cause an issue?


I may. But I have no way to confirm that. Getting rid of the ground bounce would be the best solution.


Dumb question: how does one tell which version a board is?

You look on the big white label on the side of the expansion header. There are pictures in the System Reference Manual