New BeagleY-AI opens up design in familiar form factor

He is… For us wkup/mcu/main all show up in user-space in Linux. If you wanted to run custom code on the WKUP or MCU domains and NOT have Linux user-space access that interface. This Domain separation allows that…


OK. Perfect :+1:. Thanks for the confirmation. Then it looks like the BeagleY is a perfect drop in replacement for my RC car project.

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Hi! I saw the announcement for this board and mention of hardware being open source. I went through the hardware git repo and saw the gerbers and schematic PDF’s but not the original CAD files. Is it open source in the sense where the original PCB CAD files are also available somewhere? I don’t think it would be easy to use it in the open source sense without being able to edit original SBC files.

It’s still early, a few changes are being made from the first run prototypes. But like our prior boards the final schematic/etc will be released.


Thanks Robert! This will be a very powerful SBC for cam applications.

I forget to check in and now my head just hurts.
Random thoughts and responses-

-people in “this world” (beaglebone) are unaware of the Pi world?

-the graphics chip on my BBAI doesn’t work? Or I need a license or something?

-every time you Beaglebone guys make a new toy, does that make the other toys abandoned trash? I had some ideas but am not a programmer, I am used to things in Piland handed on silver platters. The BBAI appealed to me because of the AI stuff, seemed a way to get my toes wet without big spending/was in stock. I bought 3x BBAI because I am too lazy to reflashed devices or change OS microSD cards around (you do not want to know how many rpi0 I have, but I live near the Chicago Microcenter and a clerk there looked at his screen showing 15 in stock 2 weeks after launch and I said I’ll take 1 I need a 2nd and he said we don’t have any, so I decided to buy at least one but usually 2-3 since launch).
I guess I had 3 basic BBAI plans:
1.Try and cobble together the pwnagotchi toy to leverage the AI part and use the cores to make A2C part work better. Debian and Wirepod to keep my Anki Vector toys running but again leverage the ai part to make the Lil guys recognize my cats and do other way cool stuff.

3.bela cape to run something to make a hardware ish version of VCV rack to play with mutable instruments Clouds and somehow get modular synthesis on that talking to the Volca Modular format.

Can I do that still? Would someone hold my hand thru this? Should I make new threads/topics?

I know I’m buying a Beaglebone YAI because I’m got the fomo and a recently diagnosed adhd.

I feel like I’m in the wrong club if that makes any sense. Like a record store clerk with an interest in technology who joined a forum where everyone else is a computer scientist or an engineer or something even way smarter than that. But given that as an analogy, if y’all could start making silver platters for guys like me, I think your end-user base would get into Fruitland levels.

Thanks for reading my newest novel.

@Tim_B ,

Hey there, I am goin’ to get one too. Whenever they have them available, purchase one and use at will is the idea for me.


P.S. DTS is not easy, i.e. esp. from scratch. It is nice to have a compiled or compile abled machine for DTS. Like you, I am still learning or I am still learning like me. Anyway, I cannot wait to try to produce on this board, other boards, and then see what transpires.

Bela would have been nice for the AI with its speed producing enhancements and over the top PRUs compared to the BBB. One could make some nifty GUIs and UX designs with the extra oomph. Also, with these newer 64-bit boards, I am sure the time for development is at hand. I think Aristotle said it best, “Ain’t no one got time for that…” Just kiddin’ here but in a good way.

I cannot wait to test one out, make some over the board bot, and who knows what Capes or if Bela will be introduced at some point to the newer boards or the BBAI with two cores. I will be all eyes for a while and listening on every channel to find out if and when I can make and build.

I wish you luck on the rack business...

I also like Bela. I have this 3D Printed violin that I used with Bela and the BBB. 

Also, there were some building images for Bela... When or why? Who knows?
I am just glad about it. Some people just give up and give in...

The Bela people probably have something up their sleeves. I think the GSoC
participation for the Bela images may prove valuable again some day. (Hopefully).

I am like you. I want AI to prevail. Using specific, already compiled source with ports to the boards, AI tools along with hardware is awesome. One could build a cat follower with camera to watch cats do things like attack birds and play with lizards…

Also, to label Lizard or Bird or Cat in this context would be neat outside of just regular processors and USB. I typed regular there in this context but the processors are getting powerful. Multicore on small machines is neat. Lots to do… Anyway, I read your post. I just wanted to reply and let you know to stick around and if possible keep learning more.

Old school AI: Wrap a chain to a mower and watch it circle a pole. Ha.
New School AI: The mower tells me exactly when it needs to do its own job!

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Coding is therapeutic, not sure why. It forces you to focus and it is very easy to stay engaged when doing it. Another one is flying RC helicopters, again you are forced to focus and it keeps one totally engaged.

My dearest friend did solve one issue for me, she said to buy ear muffs. My better half is a TV watcher and the TV is extremely annoying to me and breaks my focus easily. Wish I knew that one many years ago, they are kinda snug on my head however the benefit surpasses the smashed head feeling.

When I was little I would operate CW, a/k/a morse code via ham radio. That might be another option for some relief.

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You just missed them. They are there. Even certified with OSHWA.

see design/BeagleY-AI_PCB_V1.0_240105.brd · main · BeagleY-AI / BeagleY-AI · GitLab for one layout. See for one schematic. None of these are the production board yet, but were used to build prototype and will be updated as boards ship out in late May.

Any out-of-box application software suite? :smiley:

Classic VSCode and node-red, what suite do you have your eyes on?