New blog posts and git workflow questions

I made a couple of blog posts at

Currently building Angstrom with scripts from .

I am new to using version control systems, what I currently understand
about the git workflow is as follows

i. Git will create a local branch of Angstrom using the scripts from
the above page.
ii. I will then build Angstrom using the bitbake recipes and finally
load this up into a bootable SD card.
iii. I will run this new build on the Beagleboard and make whatever
changes i want to make and code some stuff.
iv. These changes I will then bring back to my local branch and I will
generate a patch and push it upstream for RFC.

As you can see my understanding of this workflow is very limited,
given that I have not contributed to an open source project
It would be great if you guys could comment where my understanding of
the workflow is incorrect and what I am missing in general....