New board, sdcard holder broke

Just received a beaglebone black. The SD card holder broke as I pushed a card in. The solder joints on one side look like they were dry joints. I am debating trying to fix this myself vs sending back. I waited a month to receive this board and I am fairly certain I can fix it. I just don't relish waiting another month for a replacement.

I took a roll of the dice and decided solder the thing back on-- I have done SMD soldering before. I was able to get the SD card reattached with good solder joints to the pads and mechanical connection from the metal case to the ground pads. It works just fine now.

Here is a picture of the board prior to repair. There is a small piece of paper wedged in to better show the separation.

Also, someone from CircuitCo contacted me directly to rectify my problem-- it seems they monitor this forum rather closely! It is nice to see a company respond so quickly and positively.