New Bug Tracker for BeagleBone White and Black

Greetings All,

there is a new bug tracker online from to track issues with both the original BeagleBone (aka White) and the new BeagleBone Black. you can find the trackers here:

please register and report any issues!


I really like this. It makes me feel a lot better seeing no bugs or issues.

Here is your chance to make a difference!



just enabled less than 2 hours ago…

i’ll be adding all know issues to the tracker this evening and tomorrow…


I would expect others to add as well. Be interesting to see if they do. So far, nothing.


i'm curious about the backing software, ChiliProject ... why that
package? i've never heard of it, but it looks perfectly reasonable.
anyone have previous experience with it?


Just a quick 2p, I think there should be some more description to what the bugs apply against. For example, are we talking mainline kernel bugs? bonescript bugs? 3.8 CCO kernel bugs, etc, etc. I'm not sure I'm suggesting tags and categories, but maybe just a bit of definition as to what warrants a bug in this bug tracker and against what software stack.

I like the idea as a whole though and will hopefully give users a place to co-cooperatively contribute and bounce ideas around.


I use it for 4 other projects…its more user friendly than bugzilla and more secure than trac.

Nothing is perfect…not Even this. Tom


we will be refining the bug tracking as we go along, but as you file a bug report you can classify the bug as related to the following items currently: