New Capes from Circuitco!

Greetings All!

just wanted to let everyone know that a whole series of new capes are now available from Circuitco. these capes can be purchased from and other distributors.

Bacon Cape Educational cape $29.99
MiniDisplay Cape 128x128 spi based lcd $29.99
RS-232 Cape new rs-232 cape with db-9 connector $29.99
Basic Proto Cape basic I/o proto cape $16.99
Generic Proto Cape standard prototype cap $16.99
Extended Proto Cape new prototype cape for experimenters $17.99
Power Supply Cape wide voltage range support cape $23.99
Audio Cape new audio cape based on aic3104 $29.99
RTC Cape Real Time Clock MCP79410 $23.99
PWM Cape 32 PWM interfaces for LED/Servo $29.99

you can find more information on each of the wiki pages at

all of these capes are now in stock at