New project idea - Smart traffic signals


I am N Rajiv Vaidyanathan, 2nd year from NIT Trichy.

I have a new project idea based on smart traffic system. It has two phases, one placed on the signal and one integrated in every vehicle. By this, we can keep track of the vehicles going around and help in applications such as thief tracking, speed control(which can be dynamic based on the region where the vehicle is), and traffic control(lanes with emergency vehicles such as ambulance, police, etc. would be given more importance), location services(all the signals will be having hotspots to which phones can be connected and our own app would send requests for map data to the local server in the signal and the signal would communicate to Google Maps and retrieve map info). The signals would also be able to communicate with each other for taking smart decisions. In case of an accident, calling the police and giving them details about the incident can be a long process. This can be simplified by simply notifying the signal using the app and then it would report to the police with the exact location. Also, the embedded device in the car has a drunken drive checker which would instantaneously report to the signal and then the signal would notify the police about that with the car’s location.


What image research do you have to back this?

I have two components, one integrated in every vehicle and the other is the signal. They communicate with each other. Hence, I don’t think we need any image processing. This method is in fact more accurate than image processing in such a noisy environment. But in the future, definitely we can scale the project and make it more smart using OpenCV and machine learning for automatic accident detection.